Folio Software

The FIEN Group, LLC, a technology consulting organization, is not the publisher of Folio software. We provide Folio publishing, software licenses and consulting advice to clients across the United States and worldwide.

The FIEN Group and Folio

Our Relationship with Folio


The FIEN Group has been working with Folio for over 20 years (since the DOS days).

We are proud to have been part of a select group of Folio Partners who helped develop the first windows version.

We were instrumental in the development team for siteDirector which allowed access to Folio Infobases over the Internet. Our affiliate, nfoweb, provides hosting of Folio Infobases.

The FIEN Group has received a variety of Folio awards and continues to champion Folio technology.

We work with publishers, large and small, to create and distribute products in Folio. As a Folio Publisher ourselves we clearly understand the challenges related to content delivery.

How to Acquire Folio Software


The FIEN Group will assist you with acquiring licenses to Folio software or upgrading your existing Folio licenses. The current version of Folio software is 4.9 and includes PDF capabilities.

The publisher of Folio requires a user approve the license agreement prior to an order being placed. This is done by sending the license by e-mail and you responding that you accept via e-mail. The process is similar to clicking "I Agree" when you install an application.

Put Your Infobase on the Web


The FIEN Group is the developer of where you can host your Infobase on the Internet for a fixed, low monthly or annual fee.

nfoweb provides both open and secured hosting. Secured hosting allows you to sell subscriptions to your content. We do not share in revenue from secured hosting.

A demo with your Infobase and private label pages can be provided, at no cost, so you can see the look and feel.

Folio Software


Folio Views is the reader and annotation application. Folio Builder is the authoring tool. Folio Publisher allows you to distribute Folio Views as reader software (you pay a small royalty for each copy).

Review each application and contact us about how we might assist you.

Folio Views

Making information manageable. Folio Views® gives users complete control over information. It keeps users in touch with the overall structure of the information they access and the query "hits" their searches produce. These features make massive volumes of information feel manageable and help professional information users find answers fast, even within hundreds of megabytes of free-format information containing graphic, sound, and video objects.

Providing functional content. When it comes to using the content, Folio Views® lets users go beyond browsing, to personalize information and make lasting edits.

Folio Builder

Folio® Builder makes it easy to collect information from diverse sources and file formats, combine their contents into a Folio® infobase, and manage user access rights associated with the information.

Flexible, Automated Project Management. Folio® Builder oversees the conversion of large source files into Folio infobases, providing complete control over the build process from the first steps of data conversion through the final steps of indexing and compressing.

Rights Management. Folio® Builder lets information owners control who can access information, what they can do with it, and how long they can use it. Folio® Builder can generate passwords that unlock secure or expired data.

Folio Publisher

Folio® Publisher provides a software solution for commercial publishers who want to sell their informational content electronically.

Subscription Control. Folio's advanced rights management software lets you control who can access your information, what they can do with it, and how long they can use it. Publishers can designate expiration dates for information collections or generate passwords to unlock secure or expired data for particular customers.

With its ready to use components, security and commerce functionality, and distribution enabling features, Folio® Publisher makes electronic publishing easy, safe, and profitable.


Contact us to find out how we might assist you with your Folio needs.